Real Estate Consulting Services

Making Better Decisions

ProGroup Real Estate Associcates typically starts a relationship with a new client by meeting with them to discuss or help determine their specific objectives. For example, a property developer might need to learn about the viability of investing in a new development based on current market conditions and local zoning laws along with a myriad of other considerations. In contrast, a homeowner may just need advice on rental property, aging in place, trusts, family estates, etc.  As an example, our clients sometimes just need to be able to receive (and pay for) just a couple of hours of objective counsel on their real estate concerns when they’re just not sure what they want to do.

Consultative services are not limited to transactions, sometimes the best choice for a client is not to buy or sell at all! (Or not now). Pro Group is retained to provide the counsel to help clients reach those decisions. After determining the client’s objectives, we prepare necessary research tools and set out a time schedule to measure and report the results. Oftentimes this research may involve site-based visits, meetings with community officials and referral to other local real estate vendors, attorneys, and other professionals as needed.